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Our Process

Free Phone Consult


 Call for an initial free telephone consultation before coming for an appointment or making any sort of commitment. I answer the line directly and will spend some time talking to you about your case and how I can help. It's a chance for you to ask any questions and make sure it's a good fit before taking the time to meet in person. 

In-Person Consultation


 Even after having a telephone consult, we will still need to start with an in-person consultation to really go over your case in depth and develop a strategy as well as to sign a retainer agreement, which is when I would officially become your lawyer and represent you. 

Preparing A Strategy


From day one, we will begin to prepare a vision of where you want to be at the end of the process, taking into consideration all aspects of the law and your case and what is truly right and fair.  And we will begin to move toward that goal, doing whatever is necessary to get you there.